Our Mission

To provide technical services and products to sales professionals that dramatically improve and enhance all aspects of the ordering process.

DentaCAD History

Having spent over 40 years in the dental industry which included designing dental facilities and operatories, I was well aware of the need for “standardized” technical databases made available from dental manufacturers. These are used by dealer designers, architects, etc. to create facility and operatory designs. With minimal convincing most major dental manufacturers were ready to help us fill this need and they became subscribers of our service. Those creating facility and operatory designs welcomed this service and became subscribers as well.

Following the great success of this service to both manufacturers and dealers, we were also made aware of the need to create and supply “standardized” catalog and pricing databases to dental dealers to be used as sales tools. We used the technical databases to address the challenges of size and space, the catalog databases to describe features and benefits, and the pricing databases to create proposals, contracts, etc.

In order to store, update and access the databases we created, we developed some very unique database accessing software in the PC platform. It was created using the “normal thought process” that answers the following questions. What product am I looking for? Which manufacturer(s) make this product? Which one of these products do I want to access?

Since the introduction of our first software, we have made many enhancements and have also added many features which include the salesperson’s ability to quote financing options and plans. Recently we have redesigned and rebuilt the software from the ground up as a web based platform. Compatible with most browsers, you can now access SmartSales by DentaCAD from almost any device.

Since our humble beginnings offering only technical databases and accessing software, we now are recognized in the Dental Industry for offering THE ULTIMATE SALES TOOL for meeting all the needs of a the sale process!