DentaCAD provides a wide array of services to both our manufacturer and dealer customers. Through our SmartCatalog and Pricing Database services we also help manufacturers ensure their data is accurate and formatted properly for distribution to their authorized dealers.

Equipment dealers benefit greatly from this manufacturer provided data and we take it even further by making available synchronization of their own pricing data including their specific dealer cost, fixed customer pricing, min/max customer pricing, min/max gross profit and more to help your sales team produce orders in your allowed price ranges while maxamizing profits.

Later this year we will be introducing Order Analytics to allow you to see how various team members and products are performing and where your profits are coming from.

With our web based platform we can more easily customize most aspects of your SmartSales experience with little to no effort by you to deploy the changes.

Shared/Custom Data & DataSync

Make the most out of SmartSales with DataSync. If you can provide an export of your customer, sales team, product/pricing data on a regularly scheduled basis we can automatically import that data and make it available to your sales team (and ONLY your sales team) so that they always have up to date product/pricing and customer information. Data changes are controled at the organization levle so that you can insure consistancy and accuracy.

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