From our SmartCatalogs that enable sales personnel to have all the product information formerly contained in pounds of paperwork instantly available on their laptops to an auto-recalculating worksheet that allows you to play "what if?" with pricing and gross profit to self-populating forms ready to share with clients; we have much of your work flow covered.

But our top feature is the ability to customize SmartSales to fit your organization. Embed us into your work flow by synchronizing your customer, colleague and pricing data so your sales team does not have to hand enter this info. Work with us to create custom forms out of your existing paper and electronic documents so that you customers see the same proposals and purchase orders they are used to, only now they are automatically populated with order data by SmartSales. An employ OrderLink to deposit the customer accepted order into your order processing system for final disposition.

Shared/Custom Data & DataSync

GOOD: Instead of everyone in your organization maintaining their own data, users within an organization can share customers, colleagues and instead of starting with a blank slate when it comes to products and pricing we have a default product database with pricing provided by manufacturers.

BETTER: Provide us with your customer, product/pricing data and we will make it available to your users (and only your users)

BEST: Work with us to setup data synchronization and your sales team can have your up-to-date pricing data at their fingertips.

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